Century 21 Raindow Realty

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Floor Plans

The following floor plans are supplied by the builder. Actual dimensions may vary.



Andaluz Reversed

Aragon 1BR

Aragon 1BR Reversed

Aragon 2BR

Aragon 2BR Reversed


Barcelona Reversed


Cabrillo Reversed


Cadiz Reversed

Casa Arriba

Casa Arriba Reversed

Casa Blanca

Casa Blanca Reversed

Casa Bonita

Casa Bonita Reversed

Casa Contenta

Casa Contenta Reversed

Casa Del Mar

Casa Del Mar Reversed

Casa Dorado 1BR

Casa Dorado 1BR Reversed

Casa Dorado 2BR

Casa Dorado 2BR Reversed

Casa Dorado 3BR

Casa Dorado 3BR Reversed

Casa Grande

Casa Grande Reversed

Casa Linda

Casa Linda Reversed

Casa Lorenzo

Casa Lorenzo Reversed

Casa Mario

Casa Mario Reversed

Casa Milano Center

Casa Milano Center Reversed

Casa Milano End

Casa Milano End Reversed

Casa Monaco

Casa Monaco Reversed

Casa Palma

Casa Palma Reversed

Casa Rosa

Casa Rosa Reversed

Casa Sienna

Casa Sienna Reversed

Casa Vista

Casa Vista Reversed


Castilla Reversed

Catalina Center

Catalina Center Reversed

Catalina End

Catalina End Reversed


Columbia Reversed

Contenta Royale

Contenta Royale Reversed


Cordoba Reversed


Coronado Reversed

El Doble

El Doble Reversed

El Mirador 2BR

El Mirador 2BR Reversed

El Mirador 3BR

El Mirador 3BR Reversed

El Mirador Penthouse

El Mirador Penthouse Reversed

El Prado

El Prado Reversed


Encanto Reversed

Garden Villa 1BR

Garden Villa 1BR Reversed

Garden Villa 2BR

Garden Villa 2BR Reversed

Garden Villa 3BR

Garden Villa 3BR Reversed


Granada Reversed


Hermosa Reversed

La Brisa

La Brisa Reversed

La Casita

La Casita Reversed

La Corona

La Corona Reversed

La Jolla

La Jolla Reversed

La Princessa

La Princessa Reversed

La Quinta Center

La Quinta Center Reversed

La Quinta End

La Quinta End Reversed

La Reina

La Reina Reversed

Las Flores

Las Flores Reversed


Madrid Reversed


Majorca Reversed


Malaga Reversed


Mariposa Reversed


Montecito Reversed


Monterey Reversed


Navarro Reversed

San Clemente

San Clemente Reversed

San Marco

San Marco Reversed

San Sebastian

San Sebastian Reversed


Seville Reversed

Sierra 1BR

Sierra 1BR Reversed

Sierra 2BR

Sierra 2BR Reversed

Sierra 2BR A

Sierra 2BR A Reversed

Sierra 3BR

Sierra 3BR Reversed

Towers A

Towers A Reversed

Towers B

Towers B Reversed

Towers C

Towers C Reversed

Towers D

Towers D Reversed

Towers F

Towers F Reversed

Towers G

Towers G Reversed

Towers H

Towers H Reversed


Trinidad Reversed


Valencia Reversed

Valencia New

Valencia New Reversed


Ventura Reversed

Villa Francesca

Villa Francesca Reversed

Villa Fuente

Villa Fuente Reversed

Villa Lugano Center

Villa Lugano Center Reversed

Villa Lugano End

Villa Lugano End Reversed

Villa Nova

Villa Nova Reversed

Villa Nueva 1BR

Villa Nueva 1BR Reversed

Villa Nueva 2BR

Villa Nueva 2BR Reversed

Villa Nueva 3BR

Villa Nueva 3BR Reversed

Villa Paraisa

Villa Paraisa Reversed

Villa Puerta 1BR

Villa Puerta 1BR Reversed

Villa Puerta 2BR

Villa Puerta 2BR Reversed

Villa Puerta 3BR

Villa Puerta 3BR Reversed

Villa Reposa

Villa Reposa Reversed

Villa Serena

Villa Serena Reversed

Villa Terraza

Villa Terraza Reversed





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